Kristen Beckere

“I was lucky enough to come across these amazing products by OO Equine Probiotics for my horses. Honestly I began using the products for gastric care and saw almost immediate improvement. Then I tried the shampoo for an itchy and allergy prone horse. Then I tried the probiotics on a really sick cat of my own that has all the vets stumped. THEN tried both on my itchy pup Cooper! Now I have some amazing, life changing feedback from a friend with severe psoriasis and starting taking the probiotics on the human side of the company. This is the clearest his skin has been in years and he’s coming OFF his prescribed steroids.
I am BLOWN away on the positive impacts these products have had on horses, dogs, cats, and now people. I honestly cannot say enough positive things from this company. They’re also family owned business!
I strongly encourage everyone to give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed.”

Kirsten Becker